On reaching the hotel Chris looks up the notam on the internet and, yes it states that there is no gas today but it also has information backdated to 2008 that is no longer relevant. Although we have a car in which we are the masters of our destination. I know both Chris and I are both bummed out about our dilemma, as it means we may be delayed for a week!!! Once again Chris emails and texts people we know in Argentina asking for advice, as this type of thing has never happened to us in the USA, and we are stumped. We prepare to go to dinner and we both agree to try and enjoy our time tonight and deal with the fuel issue tomorrow. We hear rolling of drums in the nearby streets, and I suddenly remember that it is carnival month and wonder if Trelew also takes part in this festival. We asked in the hotel at the front desk and yes indeed there is a local carnival going on tonight. Of course Chris grabs his camera and we head to the streets, we see many people running towards the sounds of the drums and see groups of young adults dressed in bright sparkling costumes. The female dancers are wearing skimpy bikini type outfits with beaded tassels, feathers, and sequins attached to various parts of their costumes. Some are wearing very revealing attire others more modest, but all are very vivid, dazzling and glittering. Most of the males are also brightly clad, but are mainly carrying huge drums while performing impressive dance moves while marching along the streets. We were thrilled to have unexpectedly arrived on the night of Trelew’s carnival parade but managed to witness a magnificent display for a couple of hours and get to eat a dinner at a great resturant. The next morning our dear friends in Comodoro were going to help us out of trouble again!!We received a telephone call from our friend Martin who was preparing plan B, and instead of us following plan A and waiting helpless until fuel arrived in Trelew. Tinti his nephew was going to fly his plane up from Comodoro with fuel and let us siphon some off some for our plane. This was very reassuring as we now had our fuel issue solved and set off for the Welsh tea house in Gaiman. We had also found out that the dinosaur museum in town was brilliant, because beside China; Patagonia is said to have the most dinosaur fossils in the world. The museum was indeed superb, and although dinosaur stuff is normally not my thing, I was totally in awe with the amount of bones and pristine fossils displayed that had been discover in this area .The Welsh tea houses in Gaimen were also great fun, it seemed weird to see many Welsh flags flying in windows in houses in a Patagonia village. And when we finally sat down in one of the tea houses to sample their afternoon tea, we could hear a Welsh choir singing in the back ground. Apparently the reason behind the Welsh Village is many years ago when Argentina was developing and looking for new settlers in a rural primitive area, there was also a town in Wales going through flux and unrest. The people of the town were scared that the English would take over their area and they would lose their language. So when the Argentina government heard about this they welcomed in the Welsh people promising to allow them to kept their language, culture, and traditions and so they have. A local explained that many residents are descendent of the first settlers and some can still speak Welsh. We noticed that many of names of the area are still traditional Welsh names such as Jones, Evans, and Davies. The day driving around this area was surprising bonus and I learnt about another art of Argentina. On our return to our hotel we got an email from Air Journey in Florida (the people who have organized travel permits and paperwork for us) that Viedma now has plenty of gas. Trouble was we had already alert Tinti to fly down with gas from Comodoro!! More phone calls and organizing, and of course drama!! Chris finally manages to sort it all out and we were able to double check with a telephone call that this was indeed the case. So tomorrow Viedma for gas and on to new place, an area outside Buenos Aires on the river, recommended by Gustavo and Leo from Cielo called Tigre. We are in good spirits as we head for the airport,  we are excited about checking out a new place in BA. I have to send some postcards at the Correo (post office) so we drive around before we go, looking at the bustling town. A group of stray dogs run across the road out in front of our car. Chris slams on the brakes as one small dog and bounces off our bummer, rolls and without missing a heartbeat continues to follows the rest of his rag tag friends racing away unscathed. Chris is totally horrified, as he has seen a similar incident happen with a car in front of him hitting a cat, only to find the poor animal by the roadside moments later dead. He decides to drive around the block several times to make sure that the silly dog really did get way ok and after a while we cannot find it so decide it must be ok. Both being big animal lovers, we are now a little dazed by this incident, subdued we drive slowly towards Trelew airport tr.  

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