We are finally sitting by the pool with another day in paradise!!! Woke up early this morning and Chris was already at the computer working, looking at maps and figuring our next pit stop and adventure. He was working out our flight time and estimated fuel requirements for the next leg. He was also downloading pictures and updating his Facebook log. I did not want to disturb his flow of "doing computer stuff", and decided that after taking a brisk walk along the beach at sunset solo last night, it is pretty safe to walk around alone as woman . So instead of going to the gym as planned, I decided to walk up to the top of the hill behind our hotel to get some long needed exercise, explore the local area, and work off the delicious seafood au gratin that we had last night for dinner.
I saw a man walking his goats on ropes like one would do with dogs on a leash, and trees covered in huge cotton wool balls growing out of them as though someone had stuck them on. After walking for about 15 minutes up the hill I was beginning to wonder if I was more unfit than I realized. I was a sweating more than usual and my head was spinning. It was only once I climbed to the top of this huge hill (bigger of course than I figured from the bottom) that I remembered that we are very near the equator and of course its hotter than an oven even at 9.30 am.
On my return to our hotel room Chris was still working hard at his computer, replying to emails, arranging pictures, and contacting the company Air Journey, who have a helped us with getting paperwork such as visas, general declaration forms and informing us about customs and immigration at each leg of our journey. 
I was really proud of Chris today as he gave a great interview for a podcast for AVweb, telling his story about being given a second chance through his liver transplant and stressing the importance of organ donation, how it can save many lives, and how one needs only to tick that box on our driving licence. 
Laid in a lovely hammock and dreamed about a beautiful island with sunshine, amazing beaches,exotic flowers, and palm trees everywhere, hang on a minute that was not a dream I am doing this for real!!!!

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