Belem to Sao Luis was an uneventful flight compared to the last leg of our journey regarding bad weather conditions and difficult immigration procedures.  Above us we viewed a clear, beautiful, cloudless, sky. The scenery from our airplane windows was that of interesting coastline, and pristine beaches. The sea was coloured turquoise and opal, and even at a 1000 feet we could a remarkable reef outline in the crystal clean water. We saw small structures which looked like fishing sheds on stilts and tiny little thatched huts placed all together in clusters forming small hamlets or villages. What a difference a day makes when one is concerned with weather conditions!!!

The flight went without a hitch and when we landed, we were kindly welcomed by the friendly Lider/Signature staff Cyntia and Vilson. They helped us with our paperwork, promptly refueled us, checked out local hotel availability, and even arranged a driver for us!

At our hotel we were elated that the day had been really astounding, and that we had not encountered any problems. The hotel manager Lucas, spoke excellent English and we were able to have friendly banter with him and headed to our room. On entering our room our air conditioning immediately flooded and after being relocated to a new room we decided we needed to have a toast for crossing the equator,(which was actually when we left Macapa going on to Belem) and celebrate our great flight with a local cocktail called Caipirinha. After having our drink and making a toast, things started to change. Despite having a delightful waitress who could speak English, they forgot to serve us our dinner. Being a tourist and not speaking the language we had just patiently waited. It wasn’t until Chris saw two other diners who came in long after us tucking into their dinner. We thought as in previous dinners, that the service was a little laid back but after waiting an hour and a half, the waitress was horrified when she realized her oversight. She quickly brought dinner to our room and repeatedly sighed “my mistake, my mistake!”

After eating, we both felt really tired and were ready to crash out, but the room next to us had pounding music blaring on the television and after an hour, we asked Lucas(the manager)  if he could politely ask our neighbor to turn his volume down a bit. Let me just say all night long pounding music, loud television conversation, adverts and the sport channel kept us both awake all night!! And despite us knocking on the door, pounding on the wall and ear plugs, hardly slept at all, as the television on full volume kept going and going..... Around 2-3 we both decided that our neighbour had indulged with a huge bottle of the local cocktail and had passed out, deaf or dead!!!!

The next morning at the airport we were greeted by our friends from Lider /Signature and after taking pictures with our beloved N758DW,we winged our way towards Fortaleza. We have been both been told on several occasion, from many different sources that the coastline we would see today is the most stunning in Brazil. With cameras ready, a little bleary we depart from Sao Luis ready for the famous vista.

1/20/2012 06:04:15 am

Every day I am transfixed by the adventures of C and C. I read Corinne's note with my heart in my mouth, keep telling myself, "Well they must have survived, or I wouldn't be reading the note!" I' m thrilled at your wonderful adventure, how much you have to go thru, will follow the rest with devoted eyes. Love, JJ

Maurice Gibbs/Flotilla Commander 11-7, Nantucket, MA
2/5/2012 12:55:55 am

C & C

Today I've passed your story to Rev. Dr. Gary Klingsporn, pastor of the First Congregational Church, Nantucket. I'm sure the whole congregation will be taking your mission to heart and begin following you through the challenges ahead.
Remember, austral winter is already chilling the Weddell Sea and spreading northward through the Drake Straits. Keep in close touch with your flight forecasters. ZHF 88 in Port Stanley used to be my mainstay.
FLY SAFE, and remember the motto: "When in doubt, don't."

Mo Gibbs


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