This was a very short and not so sweet nightstop. We arrived in to Cayenne really exhausted in the middle of a rain storm. We got our plane topped off and fuelled, but after a long wait in the rain and no ground support a kind refueller got his boss to take us from our plane to the required authorities on the ground.This were quick and efficient, getting through customs and immigration and completing paperwork was fast compared to our previous experiences but this was of course part of France so they were on the ball. 
At the hotel, a well known "western establishment" that were staying in,we had the French police and many French Guiana army types of men also staying at our hotel, wandering around our lobby with back packs, crew cut hair, boots and army fatigues.
When we got to our room, I notice many of the men grouping up and chatting in the corridor.We ordered room service which was a Croque Madame and salad.Chris reckoned that no French room service could mess this basic one "meal up", but unfortunately it sounded better than it looked and tasted and they did, but we were both so tired to care!! At midnight maybe nearer 1 am we both drifted off to a very deep and solid sleep, but at around 2 am were awoken by a high pitched schrill alarm,the fire alarm!!! I jumped out of bed naked and ran to get clothes on meanwhile shouting at Chris to wake up. We were dressed pretty quickly due to our airline training for emergencies and was running down the fire exit when the night guy(manager?) told us that it was a false alarm. People he explained in his broken English/French had been smoking in their rooom which had set off the alarm. Both of us not really being sympathetic to someone waking us up for a "smoke" drag our arses back to bed. Once back under the sheets and comfortable as we could(because I forgot to say we were infested with ants!!) we heard the alarm go off again and again. By the time our wake up alarm went off, we were both grumpy and exhausted!!Great start to the day, the weather was lousy( much raining over night and heavy down pours, grey sky and forcast for thunderstorms and more rain!!!
After a long delay on the ground we finally took off towards Belem, I hope better weather and a good night sleep!!!.

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