We stayed in Buenos Aires for four days, in a lovely hotel in the centre of the city. The weather was unusually hot most days (95-100 degrees) and as we walked around the city enjoying our sight sighting and taking many pictures in the blazing sun. We enjoyed visiting Plaza de Mayo ( the city’s main square),the city parks, and the old quaint historical districts, it was also really good to be able to go inside to check out an old building or a museum which had air-conditioning or cooling fans!!
We were fascinated by the old area of Recoleta, as it did indeed have the feel of a European city such as Paris as many local boast. With intimate cafes along tree-lined avenues, and ornament designs on the building which looked like they should be in France.  This area is an exclusive glamorous residential area, with designer shops and upscale hotels. It is also the area of the La Chacarita Cemetery in which Eva Peron is buried. The cemetery is full of wealthy and prominent Argentines, but the elaborate crypts and mausoleums in which whole families are buried were so extravagant and ostentatious, that the vast displays of wealth being flaunted on the ornate decorations seemed obscene to me in a country that was deemed to be poverty-stricken.

The Tango show in which we chose from several, was recommended to us from the Inter-continental Hotel’s concierge (lady named Silvia), and as predicted was amazing!!!, The American couple Matt and David who we sat next to at the show, also told us that this was one of the top Tango show in Buenos Aires. The location for the show was a 1920,s restaurant, still had some of its original fixtures and fittings and was renovated to look like it did when it was first opened. Chris was even impressed with the show, and dancing is definitely not one of his” likes”!!

We spent an afternoon traveling on the subway (Subte) which was unfortunately hideous due to being packed in like sardines in an underground tube in the 100 degrees heat.  But on our return journey we were told about Remise, local drivers who quote a price and have comfortable air-conditioned cars, better than the taxis that take you around the city.
Buenos Aires was fun, but I was a little disappointed with how dirty and impersonal people were towards tourist. A hand full of people were really kind and open to us such as; the Cielo crew looking after our plane, our friend Martin, Silvia at the intercon, a lady who helped us with directions, and a couple who told us about the Remise driver. I suppose BA is a huge city and just like most huge cities people are in a hurry to get to places, and do not usually have much time for tourist.

Although I had fun exploring the city with Chris I was ready to move on to our next place which is Comodoro Rivadavia, Patagonia. 

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