As some of you may have gathered by reading Chris Facebook logs our adventure has stalled a little bit, due to complications with our super dooper mega camera system that was especially mounted on the outside of our airplane !! Chris searched for a long time to find a camera system suitable to deliver HD pictures of all our flights on this journey so we could both enjoy the flying without either of us having to hangout the window filming, and also have top quality films to share with our friends, and family after we have completed our trip. But unfortunately this system has some major glitches in which we have had to resolve alone, on the ramp, with a manual, and guy on the phone. 
I am trying to stay positive as the images of hot South American beaches keep running through my mind as we stick our heads under the instrument panel looking at plugs and wires, and I can also almost taste the Caipirinhas(local cocktails) as I gulp down our tepid plane water as we try to decipher the camera system manual. 
But to be quite honest it is not exactly torture staying in North Palm Beach where the temperature is 70 degrees and we can wear shorts, and we still have over a month and half to enjoy the rest of our adventure. 
So I am hoping this is just a little bump in the road which will we work out. I have my fingers crossed for tomorrow:)   
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