“It a good day for flying” I thought to myself as we took off from Pousada Cabure. The sky was clear and blue, and although it had been an interesting experience enjoying a peaceful calm environment without phones and internet, I was pleased to be going to a city with technology to check -in on our families, and get Chris’s leg some medical attention as it now looked really infected and swollen. Before heading for Brasilia our next stop, as usual we needed to refuel, and Paulenir had suggested a Coxim small local airport about an hour away that sold gas. We headed to Coxim looking at the outstanding views of the Pantanal from our window, in fact because it had gotten to about 100 degree or more we were now leaving our windows open in flight so we could get a small breeze inside our little tin can. We landed on a really rough runway in Coxim but all was good as nothing broken, and a guy almost immediately came out with a ladder to refuel us. We used the facilities (bathrooms) which were very basic but clean, but on leaving after paying the refueling guy, I noticed in the entrance of the building on a table lined up a curious assortment of jars. In a closer inspected of these jars I discovered that they were jams, chutney, dips and pickled stuff. Some of the jars really intrigued me as I had no idea what the fruit or vegetable was in the jar but the contents were bright orange, dark mauve,green and red, The only one that I recognized was a jar of pickled guava which I was tempted to buy (hey it different!) But to due limited space in our “little blue Jay” and the likelihood of it leaking, being dropped, or going rotten I resisted. After our pit stop for refueling I was very nervous of the plane overheating again, and although we parked into the small breeze while being refueled my mind leapt back to Aquidauana, a place in the middle of nowhere like this. I urged Chris to fire up the engine as ASAP, and Chris in his nonchalant way starts to discuss places we could visit when we arrive in Brasilia but I all I could think of as I look at the barren dusty fields around the deserted airport, with and stray dogs wandering around is “Please god, I don’t let us get stuck here!” My prayers were heard as we lifted off from Coxim with no problems. I start to relax and enjoy our flight and talk about things we want to do, in places on this return route north. Chris starts to take pictures and notices Rhea or Emas as they all them around this neck of the woods .I am really enjoying flying when I notice the low voltage light flash on red again!! We both cannot believe that we have this problem again and to be honest I am really pissed off as this was JUST repaired!! Chris trips the alternator switch on and off and for the rest of the flight the light goes on and off!! It's like pulling a circuit breaker more than once, not good!!  
We arrive into Brasilia just as the wind picks up, heavy rain begins; and we see thunderstorms and lightening above and around the area in which the Luzianania airport is situated and where we want to land. I am actually a little scared as behind us is thunderstorms and also in front. We bounce around dodging black thunder clouds and storms.  Thankfully just as we get within landing distance of the airport the rain lets off a bit and the sky look less fierce, Chris gets us down on the ground quickly and as we land and disembark from our plane, the heavy down pour begins again. We see a group of people in the main Aero club building and ask them if they are Edimar, they say no but there is a message that he is on his way. We find out some fairly good news, my sister has been allowed home from hospital but is awaiting more tests, and Chris’s is mum is doing better.  We wait about 10 minutes talking in our non-Portuguese to a pilot who speaks good English. He tells us that every day in the afternoon, at time of the year in Brasilia the weather is like this. He said people make appointments and say “we will meet after the rain” meaning later afternoon. He jokingly told us that he never wastes time and plans everything around his schedule so he does not have to get wet!! But I pointed out that he was here waiting to fly, and he said “I know, but the rain will stop in a few minutes”. And blow me down within five minutes the rain suddenly stopped, and  it somehow turned into a glorious warm afternoon, and this man went outside, jumped into his plane, and went flying!! As he left in came two planes, one with Edimar in his wonderful RV-10 and Lindbergh (yes,this is really his name) in his Paradise One. They both greet us like long lost friends and help us stow our plane away in a hangar, they scoop us and our bags and Chris and I each in the two planes. I love everything about Edimar's plane, it can do aerobatics, it is fast, and has a glass canopy so you have a wonderful panoramic outlook without a strut, window or door obstructing the view. It also has a super-duper panel with a very modern GPS and auto-pilot, a mini EFIS and many gizmos that I know nothing about but which make flying this plane a dream!!It was a fast smooth ride in which Edimar kindly did a short tour of the city pointing out various landmarks. When land, we are at his aero club, he explained that the runway at this place is for light aircraft and too small for our plane which is why we landed at his other Aero club, plus we avoided all the traffic and it was fun!!

Chris and I although excited to be in Brasilia and wanting to socialize and go out with Edimar, had to reluctantly explain to our new friend our problems; our airplane and that Chris infected leg. I felt bad because this was the first time we had met Edimar and only knew him through a friend of a friend and now we were bringing all this drama and problems to his door. But bless Edimar, he took it all in his stride and set Chris up to go to a private hospital to see his friend a doctor and organized finding a mechanic to repair our plane. He helped find us a hotel, dropped us off and picked us up later that night. The plan was to go the hospital get some strong antibiotics for Chris and then Edimar, his wife Angela and their daughter Danielle and us would have dinner. Poor Danielle ended up being our translator for the doctor in the hospital because she had lived in the USA a few years ago, and spoke excellent English. The doctor explained to us that Chris should have gone to hospital at the beginning to have stitches and he may need them now. He said the gash was badly infected and they have to do a procedure!! I was really crossed with Chris, hadn’t I told him from day one to see someone as the cut looked serious? He knows that he has a low immune system!!Bloody typical man I fumed!! The procedure was quick but not pain free as they had to slice a layer of skin from Chris infected wound. They said because half of the wound had healed it was too late to put in stitches. Chris had to now apply cream every day as well as a set of strong antibiotics for 10 days. When we finally went for dinner Edimar took us all to a charming place on the lake where we had a tasty Brazilian style sort of tapas with several different dishes to try out and of course Brazilian cocktails! Edimar insists on paying for dinner, we can’t believe it, WE asked him out with us to repay his kindness and it is the least we can do. But we do not want to offend him as he insists in his country he pays!!

The next day Edimar took us to meet Cidu the mechanic, he has already been working on our plane when we arrive and says he thinks he knows what is wrong with it but needs to run the engine and do some tests. We hang out in the hangar(!) meeting other pilots from the aero club who come over to chat while Cidu, troubleshoots the plane. I hear a loud bang, and have come to know that nothing is good after you hear a loud bang in anything, and I am right! A serious looking Cidu tells us that the problem is bigger than he thought and it is going to take a couple of days to fix, get a part etc….. I am lost for words, nice as it is in Brasilia I need to get home for many reasons now one especially to see my sister, Chris needs to be with his mum. I think Edimar senses our despair and kindly invites us to his home for pizza. I am very grateful for having this new friend Edimar, he is just how everyone told us he was, kind and generous and his hospitality is over flowing!!

We arrive at Edimar and Angela house greeted by and their sweet grandson Rafael (Danielle’s son) and meet their son Rodrigo who the chef for the night and cooks the best oven pizzas .He cooks great  typical traditional toppings which are delicious but one topping he introduces us to which is mouthwateringly good, is cheese, banana, and cinnamon pizza!!! The Brazilian people don’t just have savoury pizzas they also have sweet ones and this one although sounds strange is probably one of the best pizza’s I have ever had! I enjoyed our evening with Edimar and his family as they came across as such warm and genuine people and talking to them, and spending time with them gave me an insight into some Brazilian cultural traditions and family life and .

So we are going to be in limbo for the next couple of days waiting for the part Cidu has ordered from Sao Paulo. Generous Edimar gives us one of the family cars to drive around and sight see with which is godsend as Chris needs to rest his leg which is starting to be less painful and the swelling is decreasing.We enjoyed our day driving around the city and getting to find out about how it was developed 50  years ago mainly by President Juscelino Kubitschek.He was classed as a Brazilian hero by many,something like John F Kennedy, as he was forward thinking for his time and visionary.

Cidu calls and says the part has come and the plane will be ready tomorrow morning. So on our last night we spend it with Edimar, Angela and their friends from the aero club. They are all so warm and welcoming, they treat us like old friends, and it seems a friend of Edimar makes us in! The guys all group together and start bragging about their planes and their flying experiences. I have a great chat girly chat with Angela and her best friend Nadia. Although this was not a planned extended stop in our plans we have had some fun and I feel like we made real friends with Edimar and Angela. It is a bittersweet end to an unexpected stop on our journey home.

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