It's 5am as we sit here in the La Quinta Inn in Naples, FL. Only a couple of hours to go now before we get going on this trip of a lifetime as the Naples Daily News called it yesterday. The last few weeks have been frantic with much of it spent in the UK. The incision from the transplant has "popped" open or herniated so I had a three day stint in King's College Hospital expecting to have it fixed but the operation was cancelled. Then, it was a week in Nantucket and the holidays and now, a week here in Naples trying to get everything ready.

The airplane has been getting worked on for much of this month and is now in great shape. There wer some calibration issues with the Datatoys video system but we hope those are now sorted out so at 9am, we head for Jupiter, FL to meet with Thierry and the gang at Air Journey who have our permissions, flight plans, and other such documentation. They have also sourced fuel along the way which will be critical as we have only 5 hours of fuel on board to begin with.

The final piece of the puzzle dropped into place yesterday with the arrival of the permission from the Argentine Government to fly out to the Falkland Islands, aka, Islas Malvinas. This has long been a dream of mine and to do it in our own plane was something that I had never even considered until a few weeks ago. Here we go.

9/25/2017 03:14:44 pm

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