So this is the leg of our route that everyone we have met along our journey has told us that we would be blown away by. The view of the coast line toward Fortaleza. I said to Chris “well we have seen some of the most amazing coast already how stunning can it be? But not long into the flight about 40 minutes or so it was evident that each coastal village or town was incredible. There were sweet villages with little fishing bays,  fantastic resorts with the most lavish looking pool areas, then further the along the coast  there were hippie looking thatched cottages with many people kite surfing and hammocks hanging from trees.  It just looked as everyone stated,  WONDERFUL.

The coastline suddenly changed into this vast expanse that we both could only describe as looking like the Sahara desert. This was Parque Nacional Lencois Maranhenses,  it looked like a one of those Hollywood scenes that  you see in the movies with Lawrence of Arabia charging across the sand dunes on a camel. I couldn’t really believe that what I was seeing  was real!! I have never seen Chris’s face light up as much as he clicked on his camera, mumbling to his self how surreal it all was. Because there was no person, vehicle, vessel or structure (FAA rules), We able to fly as low as we wanted, it was a total thrill to swoop 200 feet over a 180 feet  sand dunce and see the patterns in there structure of where the wind had whip them.  We finally arrived at the tip of the coast line to the famous or well know should I say, Brazilian resort village/town called Jericoacoara. I have been told that this is apparently where the well- heeled Brazilians go to hang out  and have  weekend retreats. It looked spectacular, just like one of those dazzling places that you see in glossy travel magazines. From our view point there were manicured gardens, huge pools, pristine beaches and striking beach apartments and cottages!!!!We loved looking at this breath taking coastline, it certainly did not disappoint us and it lived up to all the hype!!!!

We finally landed in Fortaleza, we were warmly greeted by two excellent English speaking Brazilian gentlemen named Charles and Marco who were from our sponsor Lider/Signature. They were most accommodating, and help us with all our needs. Charles had arranged a driver to take us to our accommodation and bring us back the airport, he had also negotiated a great price for us in little hotel which was on the beach.

We were so ready for a couple of days to recharge our batteries and rest up. The driver took us out for a 45 minute drive to the outskirts of the city, where we were able to get a good chair side look at the little villages and local people. When we arrived at our hotel, were charmed!!  All the rooms faced a manicured garden/ pool area, with each room having a little patio with chairs. Once you reach the end of the pool area you take couple of steps and you are on the beach. PERFECT!!!!!

We took walks on the beach, lazed by the pool and stroll to the nearby village in the day. We were both so tired that we made the most of the hotel and did not venture for the first 2 days. But on the last night we caught a local bus and had an amazing dinner in one of the many restaurants in a local village (recommended by our hotel receptionist Sabine) 20 minutes away from our hotel. We met a delightful English couple named Joe and Sandra who lived in Rotterdam, who also recommended  more place to eat and also places to visit in Salvador. After a restful interlude to our flying we returned to our hotel where we took a look at our route for tomorrow to Recife, Chris checked the weather and we talked about our flight plan. Finally after some last minute packing we flopped into bed. 

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