We were both looking forward to landing in” Provo” Turks and Caicos as it had been one of the first exotic stops along our way on the journey south. It has this weird mix of Caribbean, English, and America brew about it, and although it seems Caribbean in most aspects with palm trees, white beaches, turquoise sea, and people talking in a pretty sing along lilt uniquely from the “islands”. It is a British Overseas  territory, where people drive on the left hand side, speak English and Queen Elizabeth II is the ruling monarch. As for the US element the food in the supermarket comes from the states, the wattage on plugs are the same and currency used is US dollars.

Our route from St Maarten took us towards Puerto Rico and Punta Cana where we refueled, and up the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. We really took in all of the sights of both the US and British Virgin Islands which looked incredibly inviting and pristine. Chris clicked away as we swooped low “bushman style” as I called it taking advantage of being off the radar in some stretches and we were able to see pretty clearly lovely remote picturesque beaches. On this crossing of miles and miles of beautiful clear sea we strangely did not see one boat, or hear much air traffic on this leg. We noticed for the first time how an achievable and easy it would be to vacation in Dominican Republic and also how beautiful and lush it was.

Onwards we fly along our journey, both enjoying the temperature in the cabin (not 100 degree plus) and both having mixed emotions. I know Chris does not want this journey to end, and although I have enjoyed this experience and pleased to have had been able to be part of unique trip of a lifetime promoting a good and worthy cause. I was also really looking forward to getting back to see my sister and family. I  have had also a small niggling concern at the back of my mind about getting back to the UK in time to have an important operation in which is schedule in a week or so. As we reach the chain of Turks and Caicos Islands we both agreed as we were in “spitting distance” it would be really cool to check them out and fly low investigating what they look like. To my surprise the little bays and inlet which were pretty shallow were chock full of sea life. There were obvious dark shapes in the aquamarine water that had to be sharks, rays, and turtles and there were the most stunning little sandy isolated beaches with outstanding reefs that looked fun to snorkel around.  I was now starting to feel a little melancholy as it was really hitting me that it was the end of our adventure and despite other issues on my mind the quest to promote organ donor awareness was almost over. We meandered around the little islands at about 500 feet and eventually after getting clearance to land we slowly made our way towards the airport. In sighting the airport runway I felt good, it was nice to check out the remote parts of TC, and I knew I liked it here. The paperwork formalities are very slick and quick and hotel is very clean, quiet and peaceful. I know last time we stayed here we were very rested and comfortable. Tomorrow will be interesting, as we are going to hit USA soil, and be back to reality from our venture. Dealing with US customs and excise and immigration may be a drama as we will be returning back and also re-entering the USA after 14 landings in 14 different countries. Our escapade may raise some questions and red flags but I hope not too much of a nightmare for us.

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