It started nicely with some dear friends coming to say farewell at the Naples Airport. We launched into a blue sky, complete with zoomy takeoff and headed for Fort Lauderdale to get a GPS antenna to power the Ipad GPS programs that will get us there and back. After about 20 minutes, we looked at the still malfunctioning and improperly set video system and noticed that the whole thing had frozen up. Power off, then on, then nothing. Dead. Upon landing, we called for what seemed like the 100th time and found out that we needed a whole new recorder so on we went to North Palm Beach County to meet with Thierry, Guillaume and the team at Air Journey in order to pick up our flight planning stuff that they helped us with. With 11 countries and a very uncertain fuel supply along the way, we needed their expertise to smooth our passage and a 2 hour meeting turned into a further 2 night delay as we waited yet again for the Datatoys delivery from FedEx. It has now come but the settings are of course still wrong but whatever happens, we are off tomorrow come hell or high water.

3/11/2017 05:20:03 am

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