So we have now really found paradise!!!! Chris and I have been to Grenada many years ago, but for some reason the locals were not much pleased in seeing a mix race couple. This time around it is soo different, everyone has been sweet, kind and helpful. We arrived after spending a short stop in St Maarten where we spent much of the day at the beach watching the planes land and take off on famous runway perched at the end of the beach.We had a long leg of over 4 hours (flying1600 miles in total since leaving the US) in our beloved plane, swooping over the most lush tropical islands I have ever seen in my life. 
We was able to get up close and personal to an active volcano in our little Cessna when we flew over the island of Montserrat. By flying as low as we could we were able to see a total picture of a wiped out village. It sent shivers up my spine to see the houses engulfed in grey lava ash and little bays filled up with lava. The volcano was still simmering and we could not escape the strong smell of sulphur and see the clouds of white smoke.
After this we continued our journey over the rest of the Caribbean chain, low flying over Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, and looking at the St Vincent and The Grenadines. Along this route the water was an amazing colour. We could not believe that the sea could have so many shades and hues between the islands,starting from an inky blue to a spectacular aqua marine, turquoise blue. We fell in love with a little place called Canouan which has pretty little houses painted white, pink, and orange with roofs that were blue red, yellow and green, colours you could only get away with and look right in the Caribbean!!.
Now we are in Grenada, as we sit around one of the three pools of our hotel, separated by a gate to the beach with a waterfall to the right of us!!!!This is really paradise:)  

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